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….began with dear Maggi treating me to the most wonderful experience at ‘A Noise Within’.  Some of you may remember this classical Shakesperean group was based in Glendale for years.  They’re now in a fine setting at 3352 E Foothill Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107.

IMG 8859

 We were treated to the most amazing production of Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ that one would ever hope to see.  It would have done the Ahmanson proud!  Acting, staging, creative…actually extraordinary costumes, all pitch perfect!

IMG 8845

 Bravo cast and crew! (We had front row center marvelous seats!)

IMG 8846

 This young fellow played Tiny Tim and Sweet Maggie immediately spoke with his father who was the narrator and connected him with a brilliant agent that she knows who represents child actors. That’s dear Maggie!

IMG 8848

 With ‘Christmas Yet to Come’!

IMG 8851

Jacob Marley’s ghost doesn’t look nearly as scary as he did on stage!

IMG 8854

 Afterwards we had one of the best meals I can remember at SHIRO’s in Pasadena.  If you haven’t been there it’s worth the trip!

IMG 8868

 Maggie thoughtfully treated me to a drive down Christmas Tree Lane right off of Huntington Drive on Saint Albans Road in San Marino.  That brought back fond memories of some of my collectors who live there.

IMG 8870

 O.K., more fun stuff.  This time with adorable Eliza and her sister Marine.  Amy and I were delighted to meet for lunch at ‘The Front Yard’ in NoHo.

IMG 8899

 And here’s the lovely Marine!

IMG 8905

 This was a totally strange experience as our server kept bringing out dish after dish, too many to photograph.  

IMG 8913

 We were even offered desert and coffee but at that point could no long walk without a waddle.  Turns out Eliza, being in the ad biz, was being royally treated and we got to share in it.  Thank you Eliza!!!

IMG 8916

 Thanks to dear Cris Lutz at the Huntington, some of the students in the studio class and I were treated to a private tour of ‘Gardens, Art & Commerce in Chinese Woodblock Prints’, a fascinating exhibit in the Boone Gallery.

IMG 8949

 After seeing an exhibit on Chinese art where else would you eat but in the Chinese Garden restaurant at the Huntington. Special thanks to dear Lynne Sims for herding us all together.  As I told her, cats are easy, think of goldfish!

IMG 8981

 And here’s Sweet Lynne now,in the office  working on her Christmas card with Nikka.

IMG 9031

 Sandie Girl came by to show me this year’s amazing needlepoint stocking!  I think this is the 10th one and each takes about a year to complete.

IMG 9045

 As it happened, Michael was here from Boston on his yearly trip to the studio to work on his Christmas card.  Sandie Girl was queried as I was, as a prospective juror, to get our opinion of a case he’s possibly going to handle.  Sandie came in at $250,000 but I said a million or nothing.  Interested????

IMG 9043

Time for the monthly Landscape class in the studio.  I always look forward to seeing Lulu’s take on our subject.  She’s super creative!IMG 9068

 O.K., it’s this past Friday evening & I had told my very dear friend Mary that I would go with her to the Honda Center in Anaheim for a special Christmas Concert.  What was I thinking?  Right, just say yes to everything.  Well, I’m about to change that.  Connor drove me to Bloomingdale’s where Mary picked me up and off we went…..forever.  Nightfall and we arrived!  

IMG 9148

 Dinner first at J.T. Schmid’s Restaurant and Brewery which was as awful as it sounds but at least Mary won the Ugly Christmas Sweater Award! (Given by me.)

IMG 9177

I started to get a very bad feeling when we had to take an elevator up, up and up.  When we got off and finally found our section we climbed so high there were only three rows behind us.  I’m not grouchy but I hate crowds and heights…just saying!  Mary kept saying she thought our seats were down below.  Huh?  Anyway, she went down and got popcorn as a make up.  In her defense, she did drive me all the way home instead of our first plan for me to take a cab from downtown L.A.
IMG 9161

Next morning, our annual Christmas lunch during class in the studio.  Sandie Claus arrives!

IMG 9180

 Everyone brings a special yummy dish that we all look forward to.  Wish I had a better picture!

IMG 9185

 I posted a video on Facebook of the amazing work done by all but neglected to do a still photo.   We were all just too happy!  It was wonderful to see dear Lynne Tucker who drove in from Palm Springs for the special day.

IMG 9192But wait…..there’s more!  Nikka and I were off to a Christmas party at dear Maggies.  This blog started with Maggie so this will be a fitting close.  Oh my gosh how I love this woman!

IMG 9201Besides being the most literate friend one could have, Maggie is a consummate hostess bringing the most varied and brilliant people together and providing all of us with a feast to satisfy every palate! This is just the cheese station and just look how cleverly it’s set up.  Those are glass blocks separating the glass trays.  Brilliant.  Maggie got my favorite French pate….Can you imagine?

IMG 9204What’s that about a kid in a candy shop?

IMG 9206I’m so glad you asked me that……

IMG 9210To quote John F. Kennedy, “I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge,……with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone”!

IMG 9216

Thank you Maggie and thank you my dear friends one and all.  May your every day be interesting and filled with joy!

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