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……including carolers and a fine Santa!

IMG 9321

This would make anyone jolly!


I know, amazing!DSCN2582

…..and oh soooo good!

IMG 9252

Let’s start with dessert!

IMG 9226

Cheese anyone?

IMG 9288

…and what would you like to drink?

IMG 9284

Not sure what I was carrying on about here but I did want you to see Amy’s beautiful flowers!

IMG 9259

Delighted to see Nan Rae collectors Diane and Page……

IMG 9270

Amy loved Jo Ann as much as I do!

IMG 9277

Time out with Prince…..

IMG 9283

Me too!

IMG 9298

Hmmmm…wonder whose orchids those are???

IMG 9303

Our hostess with the mostest with Amy’s beautiful flowers and sister Vanya to the right…..

IMG 9317

Delightful always to see artiste extraordinaire Peter Adams!

IMG 9318

Thank you dear Valerie for an amazing, memorable evening!

IMG 9323

Well, the evening was still young and we wanted to have tea so Amy & I headed over to The Langham which used to be the Ritz Carlton.  I always love going there and seeing the courtyard where Charles and I were married.

IMG 9328

Guess what Amy is holding in her free hand.

IMG 9343

Here’s a big clue…..

IMG 9336

There was a long line at the valet station and we had to wait 30 minutes for my car so……

IMG 9354

I thought I’d end this blog with another beautiful tree…..this one’s from The Peninsula.IMG 9381

May your holiday be all bright and sparkling!

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