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…began joyfully with Clara and Penny treating me to lunch at the Peninsula’s Roof Garden.

IMG 9368

One of my favorite things there is this adaptation of a Root Beer Float made with Ginger Beer!  Delicious!!!IMG 9371

Thank you dear Clara and Penny for the delightful time and the very special gifts!IMG 9373

Well I was right there at the Spa wasn’t I?  And I needed to relax, didn’t I? A massage was called for….right?  Right on all the above.IMG 9375

 Now I ask you, what’s the point of getting all relaxed and then driving back to the Valley on Coldwater during rush hour traffic? Correct?  No point.  Besides, after a good massage one can hardly walk let along get dressed and drive so dinner in the Relaxation Room was in order. (Besides, I had brought a good book to read.)

IMG 9379

 It was already dark outside as I headed towards home but not before I stopped to admire the Peninsula’s beautiful Christmas trees!

IMG 9381

IMG 9385

 The next day’s class at the Huntington was wonderful as always and we had great fun getting ready for the Year of the Rooster!  Of course that was after a brief time of torture studying the Chinese Orchid! 

IMG 9450We had a sugar high at lunch as everyone brought Christmas treats to share.  Here’s Dear Maggie’s wonderful tray of home made goodies.  She’s amazing!

IMG 9445

Dr. Eileen came over with Christmas treats and had a great time teaching Kita to behave.  We’ll just add her name to the list of folks who came before her with the same fine intention.  I must say she did a good job and that’s due to her having horses and many dogs in her life! 

IMG 9503

 Oh well…… much for behaving!

IMG 9536

 Yeah, you’re good now…….

IMG 9543

 Christmas eve finally came, the table was set, gifts out and ready to be torn open and dinner was being prepared. I just didn’t hang the stockings on the chimney this year.

IMG 9565

 Vicki turned her back so I was able to get to the stove and stir a pot…..

IMG 9571

 Mary Beth, Kita’s trainer, always sends this wonderful basket of fruit for Christmas.  This year it arrived just as we were about to sit down for dinner…

IMG 9575

 Love you darling….Merry Christmas!

IMG 9588

 Mom made a huge effort to be with us and we were so grateful!

IMG 9593

 You can see parts of the fruit basket are missing.  The strawberries dipped in chocolate are amazing and along with the chocolate covered pineapple were the first to go.

IMG 9652May 2017 bring you countless sweet things and joy always!

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