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…..TYRUS WAS a ‘DISNEY LEGEND’ for his ground breaking concept artwork on ‘BAMBI’ but that only skims the surface of his many accomplishments attested to by the hundreds who came to pay tribute to him on Friday at Forest Lawn’s ‘Hall of Liberty’. The hall was packed with nary a dry eye.

IMG 9960

In this photo, Tyrus is holding one of his exquisite hand made kites which he would fly on the beach at Santa Monica the 4th Saturday of each month.  There were kites of swallows, butterflies, panda bears, centipedes and more. As you will note, 106 years, each packed with adventure, creativity and meaning!IMG 9967

With awesome Pam Tom at the Santa Monica beach. No one who witnessed one of these amazing adventures would ever forget it!
IMG 4719Tyrus’ daughter Kim was always the #1 assistant! The Butterflies will soon be aloft to flutter in the breeze!IMG 47363

Love the Panda!

IMG 4750

While the ceremony was incredibly moving, touching both heart and soul, the joy was found in knowing that here was a life well spent, a template for joyful living.  Tyrus found joy in everything and that joy was palpable, felt by anyone who knew him.

IMG 9965I’m beyond description proud of Pam Tom, writer, producer and director, who through sheer dent of purpose and courage finished the documentary of ’TYRUS: BRUSHSTROKES IN HOLLYWOOD’. It was always such great fun to be at one of the fundraisers for the film!

IMG 3470

 If you don’t see the film sooner, you’ll get a chance this summer when it’s featured on PBS.  I know many of you saw the moving tribute to Tyrus on last weeks CBS Sunday Morning Show. (If not, I recorded it, come over & I’ll make some popcorn!)

Pam’s tribute to Tyrus was so beautiful and her description of how she first discovered this National Treasure was in watching BAMBI with her daughter, noticing his Chinese name was one of those ‘meant to be’ moments!

IMG 9978Awesome Lisa See was featured in the documentary speaking of Tyrus and along with Pam, her tribute brought out the kleenex! Afterwards, it was especially meaningful for everyone to be able to give our heartfelt condolences to Kim, Tai Ling and Kay, Tyrus’ loving daughters.

IMG 9976

My mind drifted back to Tyrus visiting my studio.  A day I shall never forget!



Even the sky was incredibly beautiful all throughout the day in tribute to Tyrus…

IMG 5727

IMG 8757

IMG 9985

Thank you Tyrus for making your life a work of art!

Tyrus 20Wong 5

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