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….hosted by Lyn Campbell at the Los Angeles Country Club was just as sensational as the guest of honor, the Hostess with the Mostest, lovely Valerie!

IMG 0271

IMG 0297

Our delightful table favors….

IMG 0315

I’ve been thinking a lot about friendship and mentioned it in my last blog. It seems that the hallmark of an authentic person is their ability to maintain friendships over the course of their lifetime.  Well, when it was time to toast Valerie, there was almost a contest as to who has known her the longest and I think the winner was someone from the age of twelve on!  Remarkable.  Everyone admires Valerie as she hung the moon and it was a joy to hear about her acts of loving kindness and generosity through the years. Get the Kleenex ‘cause you’d puddle up!

IMG 0286

IMG 0302

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It’s all about the dessert!IMG 0354


Valerie presented Lynn with an exquisite gift wrapped with two of the most beautiful Magnolia Blossoms.  Real, yes, real ones!

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I have to give a special thanks to Diane Jenkins for sharing her photos with me .  Diane has used my painting ‘Moonlit Roses’ as the focal point in her master suite’.

IMG 0338

Vanya, Valerie’s sister, was so delightful and it was great fun to be able to see her daughter, Boyden, in from Washington for the special occasion!

IMG 0365

Boyden, Valerie’s niece, and sister Vanya.  All so beautiful!

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IMG 0401

Let’s open the presents.  I thought the hand painted bench with the chickens was adorable & most appropriate as Valerie has chickens and bees!  I’ve been a recipient of both!!!

IMG 0275

I think this is appropriate, don’t you?

IMG 0402

How about that beautiful gift bag?  Wonder who it’s from???

IMG 0405

Well maybe, in the end it’s all about the shoes…isn’t it???

IMG 0381

Wishing you lovely, joy filled days and lot’s to celebrate!

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