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 …..a treasure right in out midst.
IMG 0965This was really brought home to me when Marsha and Stu, my longtime friends from Chicago, were so impressed by all the ‘Gardens’ has to offer, they made a lovely donation after their visit. I wonder, if perhaps because we live here we take it for granted and maybe it’s time to give the Gardens a second look.
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Spend a day in the Chinese or Japanese Garden, two of my favorites (surprise?) or really look at all the magnificent artwork the Huntington has to offer.  Did you know that people come from all over the world just to see Pinky and Blue Boy?  While I mention that, ‘The Blue Boy’ will be restored beginning in the fall of 2018 and we will be privileged to watch as the restoration takes place.  That should be fascinating! Fortify yourself with a delicious lunch in the new café 1919 and continue your exploring.
Be sure to mark your calendar for the amazing Rose Garden display in April and May.
I so hope that a new visit to the Gardens will inspire you to make a donation so that this fine treasure will remain for many to enjoy.  Perhaps you might even wish to become a Huntington Successor…IMG 0939 and guess what…..parties and special events will be yours!!!
IMG 0947
Of course, you know the foodie part is for me….
IMG 0950
IMG 0980
I always love seeing awesome Cris Lutz……IMG 0956
…and I’m in total and complete awe of Laura Skandera Trombley, President of the Huntington Botanical Gardens, who always handles everything with such grace and ease.
IMG 0951
You’ll even learn inside info about many art treasures such as ‘The Lady with a Plume’.
IMG 0967
IMG 0972When I’m at the Huntington and see groups of children able to tour and see things they might never have the opportunity to visit I am always so touched and gratified…..this is something that I hope will never be taken for granted. Just imagine, a tax deductible gift of just $250. and  schools in the San Gabriel Valley can pay for a bus to bring students to the Huntington, many of whom have never been to an art museum or introduced to botany..  Check out
It’s been a continual joy for me teaching Brush painting at the Huntington these many years and seeing how lives are continually expanded discovering the wonder held within them.
IMG 4696Wishing you a joyful day spent at one of our greatest treasures, The Huntington Botanical Gardens!

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