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During an Invitational Rehearsal at Disney Hall, I watched  Christian Tetzlaff  bring joy from his violin and it was like watching Baryshnikov dance or hear Callas sing!  He was truly one with his instrument and even though it was a rehearsal, he played straight through for an hour without a score!  I’m speechless!
Malcolm Gladwell said that for greatness, one had to put in 20,000 hours.  I’d say double that and then add some.  You could see (and hear) that Tetzlaff had been playing the violin his whole life, that it occupied his every moment.  Google him….You’ll find an inspiring video of one of his master classes at Carnegie Hall.
IMG 1242
 After the exciting rehearsal it was time to head to the Patina Cafe for their delicious Chili!
IMG 1243
I hope you get to Disney Hall while the Nimbus installation is up.  It’s a series of ‘clouds’ that tower above each section of escalators and they are keyed to the people walking below displaying a fascinating light show with the most interesting sounds emanating from them. IMG 1246
 Sorry I don’t have a photo of the interior lights that change from golden to magenta with blue and golden hues.
IMG 1247
 I can’t believe I took this photo while my car was stopped at a red light!
IMG 1252
With all that inspiration it was time to watch two great movies on art from Netflix……IMG 1254
Everyone should see Herb and Dorothy….It will change your life!IMG 1128
On to painting!  This adorable couple treated mom Beverly to my class at the Huntington….
IMG 1112
As always, class at the Huntington was wonderful.  I’m not sure who enjoys it more, me or my amazing students!
IMG 5098
 I always love it when David MacLaren, Curator of the Asian Gardens at the Huntington and dear Danielle, Jim Folsom’s #1 Assistant,  stop by to see me.
IMG 1116
 I’ve lectured and demonstrated at the Sunland/Tujunga Art Association for years and I so love everyone in this group.  Here’s Sweet Doris Arima who won the raffle for my demonstration painting.
IMG 1017
And Louise, who joined the Landscape class that’s on the second Wednesday of each month in the studio, had absolutely no trouble catching up with everyone.
IMG 0992
IMG 0987
 Nikka brings in our paper order from China,  good thing we have the elevator as the box containing several packets was quite heavy!
IMG 1205
Peonies and Poppies in one of this months Saturday studio classes.  I have to show off Colleen’s work…..I’m so very proud of her!IMG 1271
New student precious Angie….We’re all so delighted to have her in class!
IMG 1278
Well you know what they say about all work and no play……Lisa Girl is working on hypnotizing Kita into submission. IMG 1141
 Enough of that….let’s eat!
IMG 1146
 A special tea time with dear Maggie at the Langham in Pasadena….
IMG 1201
And next it’s Harvard’s Jane Verrill, at the Bistro Gardens.  WONDERFUL!                          
IMG 1219
Who doesn’t like Gelato?  The place for the best is Monte Carlo on Magnolia in Burbank.  Be sure to ask for it in a cone, they’re yummy and worth the extra dollar!
IMG 1328Love this place!
IMG 1329
 For dinner I used the fresh Burrata to make this yummyness.
IMG 1331
Still the work goes on at the deck….
IMG 1184
The ‘new’ tile had to be removed and then each level until the framework where additional reinforcement was added.
IMG 5093
 Meanwhile the studio has equipment, sealant cans and the deck furniture in it……
IMG 1256
IMG 1262
 Tell me you understand any of this…..
IMG 1307
 I don’t but I’m certainly grateful that Oscar, my contractor found Georgie who is doing a masterful job.  So happy.
IMG 1308
Experiencing the Wisteria blooming has helped a lot.  May you take that extra moment to greet spring!
IMG 1159

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