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 That’s right, doing the birthday thing one more time.
IMG 3332Dear Clara treated me and Amy to a grand luncheon at Jean Jacques in the brand new Waldorf Astoria on Wilshire in Beverly Hills.
IMG 3317O.K., the following is for foodies only:
The assorted bread was so amazing we asked for a refill!
IMG 3321
 In front of Clara: A Dungeness Crab Cake with Sugar Snap Pea Remoulade and an Ahi Tuna Tartare with Crushed Avocado & Radish, Ginger dressing.  In front of that, Crispy Sushi of Sea Trout, Chipotle Emulsion & Mint (The rice was fried and oh so yummy.)
IMG 3323
I had Parmesan Crusted Organic Chicken with Artichokes, Basil & Lemon ButterIMG 3327
Amy’s Black Cod with Asparagus & Spiced Herbal Broth and a piece of Clara’s SalmonIMG 3328
 Clara’s Sesame Crusted Salmon with Sautéed Potatoes, Black Olive & Passion Fruit.
IMG 3329Two too cute!
IMG 3313
 To all my Facebook and Instagram friends you watched Andrew teach me how to thrown down any big ol’ guy that tries anything!  I was laughing so hard it got in the way of my Kung Fu mastery!
IMG 3002
 At American School of Martial Arts, Grand Master Don Baird demonstrates how the masters do it!!
IMG 2980
 Time to bend a little rebar…anyone?
IMG 2993
Awwwww…..Bunny, Grand Master Maria, Nikka and Bridget…..Soooo cute!IMG 3009
 Back to work …..I interrupted Nikka’s Photoshop class with Sweet Lynne & Kc to share a video on the 14th Factory……
IMG 2892
Afterwards I was treated to a delightful birthday celebration at Bar Verde!IMG 2918
 After a month of cleaning out the office it was time to hit the studio…..all this is from one file drawer of lessons……
IMG 2875
 Too much organizing….time for a joyful break with dear Lizzie at Bloomies!
IMG 3096
 We finally found the lights for video shoots.  Hiding in one of the closets…..thought they were umbrellas!
IMG 3133
 At Lovely Marine’s for a pre 4th, 4th of July celebration…..I arrived early before the crowd….
IMG 3144
IMG 3140
 Yes I had a burger and two tacos…..does that make me bad or only BIG!
IMG 3154
IMG 3158
IMG 3152
IMG 3140
 Lovely Marine and her adorable, talented sister Eliza with yours truly….
IMG 3164Eliza and Tyler…..are they the cutest or what!!!
IMG 3149On to the Reilly’s for Jim’s brother Billy’s birthday celebration.  Sandie Girl made a world class German chocolate cake!  Soooo good!
IMG 3187
 Sandie with son Tim…..Not quite sure what all the wires were for but I love this photo….
IMG 3188
 Time for the Parker’s to celebrate the 4th!  Kita was ready to party!
Kita the Akita Fourth of July 5X7
 Of course it wouldn’t be the 4th without my grilled cheese sandwiches loaded with  bacon ‘cause it’s all about the  bacon!
IMG 3228
 Yes, we are so cute!
IMG 3234
 I must say the fireworks from the deck were absolutely the best this year with the exception of these which were a bit too close for comfort!
IMG 3307Wishing you a grand, celebratory summer!

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