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 Planning the celebration for mom’s beautiful life at dear Valerie’s, the one and only ‘Hostess With the Mostest’!  Valerie has kindly agreed that her home would be the perfect setting for a fitting tribute!
IMG 3967
Josie, Valerie’s Chef Cuisinier will be in charge of the menu….IMG 3966
Now that’s settled, it’s time to be out and about.  First stop, the home of the late Sally Forrest, a star in the 40’s and 50’s.  Her estate is now owned by niece Sharon who invited me and Nikka for dinner and a tour.  This is in the screening room.IMG 3374

Along with the other guests I get to heart the history of this grand Beverly Hills estate……ahhhhhhh Hollywood!
IMG 3379
And now, a few notes on the piano George Gershwin played.
IMG 3384
IMG 3391
Thought you’d like to see the ‘partner’s desk’ of the Warner brothers……
IMG 3399
Back home and loving Maria and Bridget…..they’re just toooo cute!
IMG 3430
I’m working on re-inventing my Domestic Goddess…..
IMG 3426
Classes in the studio are always enjoyable.  Most likely the most fun for me!
IMG 3450
Here’s Maria again another day with darling Cecelia…..more joy!
IMG 3455
Come over anytime for a spot of tea……
IMG 3464
 Now this was really domestic.  Something I had not done in eight years!!! A dinner party in honor of newlyweds Maryam and Kert.  So this is the dining room!  Bring out the Old Imari and the Baccarat….we’re ready to party!
IMG 4065
Adorable & oh so lovely Alexis with Dave, her Prince and the newlyweds….Kert and Maryam!IMG 4077
 Now here’s a threesome I adore and anytime with them brings me complete and utter joy!!!  Marine and sister Eliza with dear Amy at Prosecco Tratorria in Toluca Lake.
IMG 4098
 I was completely and utterly surprised and delighted when during the lunch break for class at the Huntington Botanical Gardens, student Ralph Komai sang a poem he wrote for me to the tune of State Fair.
IMG 4008
 This tops the list of joyfulness!!!  Thank you dear Ralph!
IMG 4198
 Not only that but Ralph sent these exquisite flowers in honor of my mom……Soooooo touching!
IMG 3854
 How about cute brothers Jose and  David  who joined the Huntington class.  They did wonderfully and I’m so proud of how they really paid attention!!!
IMG 4014
IMG 6962
 Now this was an inspiring and fun two days.  Student Joe flew all the way from Chicago for a private two day workshop with me.  He too paid great attention and like a sponge picked up everything I taught.
IMG 3763
 A special thank you dinner for  David for all his hard work on the studio entrance and also special thanks to dear Eileen for all her help at mom’s! At Prosecco Tratorria….Aren’t they the cutest couple???
IMG 3974
 See how domestic I’ve become.  I made all these treats when dear Patricia came over………..
IMG 3925
 It’s been ages since we’ve seen Krista and Brett and they’re way behind on their dog walking responsibilities….come on you two….Get off the love boat and walk Kita!
IMG 3880Dear Maggie came over with yummy treats from Julienne’s……
IMG 3851
And  Laurie Pie came over with her delicious chopped salad and famous garlic bread….
IMG 3859
 I had lunch with Lovely Lisa Bowman (AKA Lisa Di Vita) to celebrate the publishing of her incredible book ‘The Shattered Peacock’.  I had recommended it as a great summer read but now that Labor Day is rapidly approaching read it just because it’s one great book! Available on
IMG 3722
 Dim the lights and light the ‘wishing’ Sky Lanterns to celebrate Nikka’s birthday…..with a belated lantern for Emma!  It was rather windy that night so we had a bit of a problem getting airborne and had to go to the deck…
IMG 4148
 Lovely flowers from dear Amy for the birthday girl….
IMG 4133
 Sandie Girl gave Nikka the cutest needlepoint….Hello Kitty of course………….
IMG 4184
Special thanks to dear Kc who brought this delicious home grown ‘French Tomato Tarte’ to the studio class with special thanks for the ‘extra’ which I devoured after class.  Sooooo good!
IMG 4168
 Bet you thought I forgot our anniversary…..
IMG 4053
 Sandie Girl didn’t and Laurie Pie checks the flowers out….
IMG 4174
 Lots of flowers for mom.  These were from Reza and done by the one and only Amy at Le Jardin Privé…………
IMG 3789
IMG 3791

This says it all…………….IMG 3787May you enjoy each precious moment!

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