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in NYC, honoring alumni and friends who have provided for Harvard.  I guess I’m a friend and you know you can’t have too many!
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Anyway, it was a wonderful excuse to go to New York and the luncheon turned out to be inspiring. But let’s begin at the beginning with driver James who picked us up as we began our grand adventure. Thank you dear Lynne at Pro Travel for connecting us up with Music Express….they’re wonderful.  All the drivers are the best and their pre-pickup confirmations are amazing!
IMG 5278
Ready, set, good to GO!IMG 5286
IMG 8118
I got photo bombed arriving at The Four Seasons…
IMG 8120It was late and we were hungry!  It occurred to me that since we were rather close to The Plaza Hotel we could grab a bite there…Fun to take the short ride in a Rolls Royce…
IMG 5303
A lot of changes for this treasure built in 1907…….
Fullsizeoutput 16c26But a few things remain the same……
IMG 5327
We had the best burger ever in the Palm Court and then a visit with Nikko, a NYPD hero dog before heading back to The four Seasons…
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Back to the Harvard event…..Wonderful Jane Verrill who helps me so very much….
IMG 5347
Lunch was lovely…..
IMG 5356
…but the speaker, Graham Allison was brilliant!
IMG 5361
His bestseller book, ‘Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Thucydide’s Trap?’ gave one enough to think about for months!  Allison is a Harvard scholar and the founding Dean of the Harvard Kennedy School. This book is definitely a must read!
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In his slide presentation, we saw that even Wonder Woman referred to Thucydides!
IMG 5362
It’s hard to believe I was never inside neo-gothic St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue and this even living in NYC for a time!IMG 5376
IMG 5366Directly across the street is the bronze statue of Atlas in front of Rockefeller Center.  The sculpture depicts the ancient Greek Titan Atlas standing at the western edge of the earth holding up the heavens.
IMG 8147
Walking down to Rockefeller Center, it was a delight watching the ice skaters!
IMG 8148
Oh dear, it started to rain.  Good luck with catching a cab so I grabbed this guy who bicycled us to MoMA.  We were just a few blocks away and I nearly fainted when he said $70.00!!! Yikes!IMG 5384
Practicing my modeling skills…..IMG 8172Fullsizeoutput 16c2f
 This seminal work never fails to stop me in my tracks!
IMG 5397

IMG 5400I have seen ‘ Dance’ in many museums, many colorations and sizes but they always make my heart sing!  This compositional study was no exception!
IMG 5399
What impassions me most–much, much more than all the rest of my métier–is the portrait, the modern portrait. I seek it in colour, and surely I am not the only one to seek it in this direction. I should like–mind you, far be it from me to say that I shall be able to do it, although this is what I am aiming at–I should like to paint portraits which would appear after a century to people living then as apparitions.
Vincent van Gogh
IMG 5396
I have a memory of the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena having one of the portraits of the postman in Arles.IMG 5395
IMG 5389
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IMG 5393
Fullsizeoutput 16c2dIMG 5391

IMG 5401
 Although this is not at the level of the huge ‘Water Lilies’ in France it’s still a joy to see this.
IMG 5404
A wonderful pre-show dinner at Chef Charlie Palmer’s Aureole…..This was the first time I had pheasant…..IMG 5359
 It was serendipity at it’s finest when I received a phone call from a customer back east who, during the course of our conversation told me I absolutely had to see ‘Beautiful’ The Carole King Musical when in NYC and was he ever right.  It was beyond wonderful and great fun!
IMG 5427
We walked a block to the center of Times Square where Nikka showed her NYC cred by grabbing a taxi in high, scrappy heals!IMG 5700End of day one!

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