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…is not always easy but as I begin a new year I like to remember the things that bring me joy.
How about throwing a great party?  Maggie, an awesome hostess, had a shabu-shabu dinner that was the most fun.  Everyone gets to cook their own meal and after  awhile, cook for others at the table.  It turns into great fun!
Always enjoy your friends…
Let your friends do things for you.  Precious Amy made me soup!

Lulu sent me beautiful flowers from Le Jardin Priv√©…..Thank you dear girl!

As did Rex, our ‘Man About Town’…..
Clean your space. (Thank you so much Connor for your massive help)
Soooooo much stuff for ‘Helping Hands for the Blind’.
See some art.

Share a meal.

Watch Sumo wrestling!

Give or listen to a talk or lecture.

Share your work. Teaching brings me great joy.

(I’m so proud of Laurie Pie)

Learn new skills. (Everyone loves Shantien ‘Tom’ Chow’s Master Calligraphy class in the studio.)
Love deeply.
See the ocean.
Be a ‘high brow’ now and then.
Share fun, learning experiences.  The cooking classes at Pirch are great even if you’ve cooked forever!
Remember to give thanks for our bounty and the hands that worked so hard to bring it to us.
Read a good book that stretches your mind.
Remember places of love.
Eat lots of sushi!
Play with friends.
Try to eat healthy even when rushed.
Don’t forget to have treats!
Collect something…anything.
Get and give lots of hugs!
Honor relationships.
Remember to give.  I love ‘Heifer International.’
SEE the sky.
Don’t worry.
Remember to smile.
And for Pete’s sake…get a dog!
May you always live joyfully!

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