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I look forward to doing a blog solely devoted to Christopher Slatoff who is not only a brilliant sculptor but a true universal man. Nikka and I plan on going to Christopher’s studio when our schedules converge but in the meantime I wanted to introduce you to him. Slatoff’s formal education included a year in France at the Ecole des Beaux Arts and the Faculte d’Letres of the Universite d’Aix- Marseilles.

Sunday is my day of rest, rest that is if I can get through the New York Times!  Charles used to kid me that I told someone I didn’t read the L.A. Times (just the N.Y. Times).  I guess that could sound elitist. Oh well, truth is we both read it.

Back to Sunday. There was a special presentation hosted by the California Art Club at the University Club of Pasadena.  ‘INSIDE THE ATELIER: CHRISTOPHER SLATOFF, a Conversation With CHUCK KOVACIE’. By the way, Chuck is a brilliant interviewer!

You can see from this slide that Christopher never does anything small!

Fuller Seminary is right across the street from the University Club so afterwards everyone walked the short block to see Christopher’s moving devotional, liturgical sculpture piece.  It is way to deep and moving to go into detail here so I just suggest you see it for yourself.
Note to self:  Take time to think of ‘otherworldly’ things.
Cutie Patricia is third from the left.  We had originally planned one of our marathon days at Bistro Gardens for 8 hours of ‘girlie’ talk but this interview came up instead.
It was time for lunch and where better than The Langham for lunch poolside.
Inspired, I was seeing art in everything……
After a couple of hours it got rather cool so off we went to the bar area and a nice cozy spot by the fireplace.
Was that when I realized my ring was missing?
Note to self: When people tell you things.  PAY ATTENTION. 
Valerie had cautioned me weeks ago about not taking my rings off when I wash my hands.  Of course I didn’t listen and did exactly that at the University Club.  Some people learn the hard way.  Just saying.  It was still a joyful day and we nearly beat our record of 8 hours!.
Awesome Carol Soucek King asked me to go with her to watch a Master Class with the amazing Susan Graham, featuring members of the L.A. Opera’s Domingo-Colburn-Stein Young Artist Program at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.  It was fun to be in the Founder’s Room seeing it filled with only chairs and not tables to relax and feast.
I was fascinated watching Susan coach the young opera ‘stars’ and it reminded me how they will continue receiving daily coaching during their entire lives.
Note to self: Study, study, study and learn, learn, learn.  Always expanding to make room for joy.
Of course it’s always nice when there’s food too!
I got this book for Maggie as she is the only person I know who would/could appreciate it.  Bingo…I was right!
Note to self:  Read things outside of your wheelhouse from time to time.  You might find new worlds opening up to you.
You’re probably wondering when I’ll get back to lunches & dinners.  Well, one I never want to miss is with Farnaz, my doctor/inventor friend who always inspires me.
Another source of continual inspiration is my precious friend Lisa Di Vita, A.K.A. Lisa Bowman, author of ‘THE SHATTERED PEACOCK’.  (You’ll remember I did a blog about the fantastic book signing in the studio not that long ago.)
Lisa was giving a talk about her book at Carol’s Salon on ‘The Spiritually Creative Life’ and so went another Sunday.
It’s always such a diverse group of 50 or more interesting people at Carol’s.
Note to self:  Don’t just hang out with people who share your expertise/interests.
If you want to know the secret of what brings me the most joy…it’s my students who never fail to make my heart sing!
The class at the Huntington is so much fun it’s a miracle we get any work done.
Here’s cutie Lulu who is so creative and always knocking me out with what she does.  This jacket she painted is a good example of that.
And of course each and every student in the studio class is dearer to me than words can say.
I’ll close out this blog with the reminder to myself….Don’t forget to dance.  Especially to Bruno Mars
‘Uptown Funk’!

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