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The Broad Museum in downtown Los Angles has perhaps the most extensive exhibition of Jasper John’s oeuvre that we will ever see.  Be prepared for an exhausting tax on your intellect as this is not something to stroll through blithely.

Be forewarned, although the museum is free, you will need to get a ticket ahead of time.  Even though this was a week day there were droves of people waiting in line to get in.  Actually there are two lines, one for those with tickets and a second for the poor souls who didn’t think ahead.  And all these people happy to be here on one of the rainiest days in Southern California!
I’m going to show you some of the information about Johns but I highly recommend if you go to the show that you get a headset as it will be impossible to comprehend everything without one.
Flag 1958
While a flag is ‘something the mind already knows’ we have to keep in our minds the thought that this was a new, provocative artistic vocabulary in the ’50’s.  John’s dreamt he painted a flag…and then the next day…he painted one!
Along with the ‘flag paintings’ the ‘Target’ series are among John’s seminal works.
Target With Four Faces 1956
Target 1961
This work, cast in bronze, shows a Savarin coffee can containing paintbrushes.
The ‘Infinity Mirrored Room’ really disoriented me and I only stayed for a moment.
‘OTIUM’, an open kitchen, contemporary restaurant next to The Broad is one of my happy places! A ‘foodie paradise’!!
Does anyone else just get high seeing things like this?
This red French Beret was so cute I had to take a photo!
I always love driving past Frank Gehry’s magnificent structure, Walt Disney concert Hall!
Stretching past my understanding, walking through the door of unknowing may feel uncomfortable but always brings great joy!

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