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A five year Harvard campaign that raised 9.1 billion dollars was certainly cause for celebrating so off I flew to Cambridge to join in the festivities.  Staying at the Mandarin Oriental in Boston made the short trip a real vacation!

At The Mandarin Oriental you’re welcomed at the front desk with Jasmine tea when you check in. It reminded me of ‘Cheers’ where everyone knows your name.  They all really did throughout my stay.

I even got a welcoming note!

Room service each morning was a special treat and always exactly as I had ordered along with the daily copy of the New York Times!

Trying to be good, I always ordered poached eggs that were cooked so perfectly I should have asked the secret!  Amazing!

The Managers dogs, Bonnie and Tara, were always in the lobby greeting guests and looking adorable.

It was so good to see Sweet Lucia again.  She had moved to the Boston area about four years ago and we were both excited about having some time together.  I have new appreciation for her scholarship and her attention to detail in planning to make my visit extra special.
Lucia decided that I should have lunch at ‘Clink’ 
, a jail theme restaurant in the Old Boston’s city jail., now converted into the Liberty Hotel.
There were Pussy Willows in all the flower boxes all around Boston and I went crazy mad.  LOVE Pussy Willows!
Here are a few of the cell blocks….
Lobster of course is de riguer in Boston!

Then it was on to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts…..

We sat on a bench in the Monet room for over two hours talking about all manner of interesting things.  So much for the list of sights to see….that was better!
Does it surprise you to see how classically trained Monet was and learn of his interest in things Japanese?
Of course the Haystacks that literally vibrate (Especially the one at the Art Institute in Chicago.)
A bit of time to see the Song era paintings…….
Harvard’s amazing Tanya, my awesome help throughout the weekend, invited Lucia and me to a carnivores delight at Abe & Louie’s ….
Recovering from the previous nights dinner I met Tanya for highlights at the Harvard Art Museum.
Yan Yang, Curator, Asian Art, guided us through the museum’s collection.
Then a brief look see at the Impressionists…..
Hi Tanya….Don’t know why I didn’t get a good photo of Sweet you!
It was fascinating to go to the art conservation area and see all manner of interesting pigments.  This is just a small overview.  I was delighted to tell Yan Yang about our Chinese Yellow!
On to the Harvard Natural History Museum, a client for Nan Rae Cards since we did the Gift Shows. Hi Wendy!!
The Glass Flowers are beyond comprehension.  Botanically correct, all the specimens are made of GLASS!
Somehow I only took video’s of the private Letterpress tour and this is the only photo I could find.  It was fascinating!  Thank you Tanya for arranging this as well.
Did anyone say lunch?  Tatte is heaven on earth.  A combination of Julienne’s in San Marino and Joan’s on 3rd in West Hollywood only peopled with scholars and assorted brainiacs.
I had the best salad ever and was somehow able to control myself with all this temptation round about!
There was just time to get back to the hotel and change for the evenings ‘Celebration of Scholarships at Harvard College’ dinner.
Do you like my Spanish cape?  It’s from the same shop that made an identical one for Picasso.  We were told to wear a touch of crimson for the dinner and I complied with  the lining in the cape!
Saturday there were four events beginning with a ‘Celebrating the Harvard Campaign for Arts and Sciences’ luncheon.
I was wearing out so I skipped the 2:00 ‘Making our Mark’ talk along with the 5:30 Harvard Business School Reception although Charles would have preferred going to that one.
Instead, I got lost in the Prudential Center which was jam packed with visitors who had come to Boston for Monday’s Marathon!  At this point I felt as if I had been in a marathon and my joyful state had somewhat dimmed.
No matter.  It was time to get ready for the big bash at 7:00, ‘Composing the Future Together’.  A festive dinner and brilliant performances filled with imagination and wonder.  But first….nibbles..
I suspect there were about 700 people and it was too hard to get a crowd shot…
The tables were elegant and dinner sublime….
The Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra serenaded us with Leonard Bernstein’s (AB ’39) Candide Overture.
There was so much more inspiring entertainment.  The area was so large, huge screens were placed about as the artists looked about ten inches tall. It was wonderful!!!
The next day I had to pack and head on back but not without inviting Lucia and Roger, our rep in the area, to lunch at Bar Boulud.
Heartfelt thanks for the interesting book Roger and my thanks to Bar Boulud for my second stuffed toy lobster.  On both occasions I was told they were just for kids.  Well???
Truth be told I was ready to come home….Looks like this adorable pup who walked onto the plane was ready too!
You just never know when or how you’ll meet the most interesting people.  Exchanging seats with Roland Williams, 8X NFL, tight end Super Bowl Champ with the Rams got me this great Selfie he took!
Live joyfully!

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