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Once a month, Petrossian’s in West Hollywood on Robertson Blvd. has an elegant sit down dinner beginning with a caviar tasting and talk about all things caviar!.

How fitting for a birthday surprise event for Laurie Pie who is the Queen of Caviar!  Laurie had no idea where we were going because I wanted it to be a complete surprise!  This once a month event was difficult to schedule so the birthday dinner was only eight months late. We arrived early with enough time for Laurie to select a wonderful Vodka.

Even the ice cubes are fabulous.

Laurie was told she had to wait ’till the events time so she still had no idea what we were going to do.

We had interesting table mates, knowledgable in both the food and the wine.
This was extraordinary. Saumaize-Michelin Chardonnay, Pouilly-Fuisse, 2013 but of course!

The caviar’s go from humble Whitefish, Trout and Salmon Roe to the Special Reserve Kaluga Huso Hybrid at $500. an ounce!  Along with each taste you’re given a talk on the history of caviar and a challenge.  If you can ask a question about caviar that the speaker cannot answer you get a $150.00 gift credit.  Needless to say, no one could stump him.

The dinner was amazing. A Blue Crab Salad followed by Morels, English Peas and Parmesan Risotto…so creamy good!  Veal Cheeks and White Chocolate Ganache for dessert. Of course the appropriate wine selections for each course.
Now what’s a birthday without a candle to make a wish on?

That Saturdays class in the studio was delightful with Colleen bringing her friend Craig who was visiting from Oregon.
That evening the Reilly’s took Nikka and me to  Cafe Beaujolais, an old favorite in Eagle Rock.  Order their famous Halibut…soooo good1

 Say Cheese everyone…..

 Then we were off to Crown City Theatre in No. Hollywood where Dr. Jim’s brother Billy is the Artistic Director.  Only Sandie Girl figured out this Agatha Christie who done it, ‘The Mouse Trap’.  She’s better than Sherlock Holmes!


 Finally back at Din Tai Fung….

 If you need window washers then Skip and Biff are your guys. (There’s actually no Skip and no Biff but who cares.)

 Sweet Lynne Sims came by to get some card stock for her upcoming show at the Sierra Madre Art Fair.  Let’s all go and support this wonderful artist!

 Dear Carol Soucek King invited Lisa B. and me to lunch at The Athenaeum….probably because I’m not getting enough food!

 After that I went to Armstrong’s for more plants and who could pass up Ladybugs!

 Wishing you joy!

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