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It’s party time! What better way to celebrate an amazing man who brought sunshine with his smile and kindness to everyone he met.
 Lovely Marine checks out one the Sous Chef’s with precious Alyssa…
While awesome Alex brings in the yummy Porto’s treats! Thank you Alex!
You know you want some!  Bonnie says the Mango are the best, best!
This was the ‘prep’ sheet for the chefs…..

Chef David Vasquez with his two awesome Sous Chefs!
Ready to roll…..
 When was the last time you saw quail eggs?
They went on top of this…………

‘May I offer you a yummy?
Sous Chef Hey Jeong’s own Kimchi in shot glasses topped by edible flowers…..
Little pancakes of goodness……………..
Never had Slider’s with sirloin filet…..
Cheese anyone?
Vinovre Wine sets up for the wine tasting…
World famous Trio Caliente flew in from Washington to entertain us and boy…did they ever!!!
Bonnie you are adorable……No one gets more out of life than you!
I always love the way you and Charlie savor every moment…..
Laurie Pie did some dancing later…..

 Precious Amy stopped for a photo with Reza, our Man About Town!

 Heartfelt thanks to Dr. Dean Carlson for the beautiful music he offered us on the piano.

Dear, dear Carol and Dr. Carlson share a moment……

There aren’t enough words to describe how I love these angel people and how blessed I am to have Marine and Aram in my life.  Aram’s brother and his wife are to the left and his sister to the right.

 Hi Sandie Girl…..So happy to meet Kathy with dear Ralph……
More love with my Precious Patricia and brilliant Dr. Farnaz…….
Here’s Farnaz and Sweet Maryam with Princess Francesca Constanza Drommi and world famous fashion photographer Jacques Silberstein
Time for some blonde cuteness……….

Maryam & Kert join Izabela & Wayne…
What a surprise to see Lauren who drove in from Palm Springs……yea!
Awwwwww………..Sweet Sandie and Dr. Jim share a moment.
Clara with best buds Kathy and David share some fun time with Colleen…..

Dear Farnaz writing in the Book of Remembrance in the studio.
My dear cousin Ronald flew in from Memphis…..soooo happy!
Everyone left with a gift basket prepared by Richard Burkart from Burkart Organics 
This was the time of day when Sinatra would loosen his tie and get cozy.  Miguel took requests from the few remaining guests and we all had great fun singing and naming that tune!!!
Absolutely love this couple!
It really was late at this point and we were all quite ‘happy’!
But wait…time to visit the studio……
My heartfelt thanks to all…..Bye for now…
Love always!

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