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What could possibly more joyful than a baby shower with the anticipation of
                                              new life, new beginnings!

                                      Beautiful Poolak, mother to be…..

Farnaz you did the most spectacular job…
Maryam and I had a wonderful time!
Amy and I went to The Music Center Foundation’s Summer Celebration
The event was held at The Mullin Private Automotive Collection where antique French cars are on display.
It was quite an evening!
As always, the Salon at Carol Soucek King’s home was filled with the most interesting people all doing amazing things to make life on our planet better.
Thank you dear Carol for opening your home and your heart!
Farnaz and I went to see Maryam’s Seyhoun Gallery exhibit in Santa Monica…..
A Tribute to Masoumeh Seyhoun, her father and world renowned architect and artist.
All this talent is one family…Here’s Maryam’s brilliant cousin, artist Jason Noushin.
I love this painting of his!
Yours truly with delightfully charming Princess Francesca Gioia Drommi.
Afterwards Farnaz and I went to Shutters on The Beach for a late dinner.
I know, this should have had a candle in it!
Precious Molly Girl in town briefly, leaving her nest in Mexico and inviting me over for lunch and some catch-up time!
Since I’m on the subject of lunch (surprise) how about this lovely table set by Her Loveliest, dear Maggie!
I was knocked out seeing that I brought Maggie a book in line with what she had been studying.  Amazing and truly joyful!
Well Father’s Day was coming up so Maggie and I decided to return to the Royce at the Langham to enjoy their amazing buffet. This was just the area for starters….
Yummy Prime Rib awaits at the end of this area…
A lovely way to spend an afternoon….now back to the diet!
Rosie in from Pennsylvania and a special private class in the studio…
Twentyeight students in the Brush painting class at the Huntington Botanical Gardens!  We had so much fun.  Yes, it was JOYFUL!!!
Joan,Shirley and Gwen, the three amigas.  Delightful new students for the studio’s Brush painting class!
So many moments to find joy but in keeping with the baby shower at the start of this blog, I’ve been so thrilled to watch as these precious doves hatched and grew right at my front door.
I’ll close with this photo of the fledgelings!
I wish you joy!


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