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Beautiful Lissi and Doug, her Prince, were married and we all celebrated at ll Cielo Restaurant in Beverly Hills.  A perfect venue! The bride and groom were surrounded by a forrest of flowers created with love for them by Amy at Le Jardin Prive!

How’s this for party glamour.  My beautiful and most talented star….Lisa Bowman.
We arrived a bit early to see Amy’s brilliant floral display created for the bride.
Bravo Le Jardin Prive!
When it got dark the crystals in the vases glowed and it was absolutely magical!
I absolutely adore Lissi’s sisters!
Well, Amy & I were a few months late but finally celebrated beautiful Lisa’s birthday at Le Grande Orange in Pasadena.  And yes, there was a ‘cake’ but I just shot a video of it so no photo!
What an unmitigated joy to celebrate beautiful Marine’s birthday at Prosecco Trattoria in Toluca Lake with precious Amy.  Here’s the birthday girl with her oh so sweet sister, Eliza.

You can see how joyful it was for me!
Awesome Amy (yes, another one) is the owner and hostess with the mostest at Prosecco. It’s like ‘Cheers’. everyone knows your name and you feel like you’re at home!
On to a little surprise birthday party for Nikka at Bistro Garden with Amy and Maria.
But wait, there’s more!
The Brush painting class in the studio celebrated Nikka’s birthday!
Awesome Kc baked her a delicious blueberry pie!!!  Sooooo good!!!
More presents….so cute!
Let’s have more  birthday cake for Nikka….This one at lovely Maggie’s…
What a fun evening with Maggie and Diane…
Even more cheers for Nikka…treated by dear Kc and Sweet Lynne at Bar Verde…
There’s another birthday girl.  Lovely Maggie! We celebrated at The Athenaeum…

                                          I wish you lot’s of cake and happy days!

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