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November is always the month for the Brush painting classes to work on Christmas cards and we all had so much fun at the Huntington Botanical Gardens doing just that!

Sweet Lulu surprised me with an amazing cake with a design of the mailer for the class exhibit at the Crain Art Gallery, along with a touching card signed by all the exhibitors.

Brush painting student Ralph Komai was a student at Caltech when Richard P. Feynman won the Nobel Prize for Physics.  He wrote a charming article recently for the Caltech magazine about his experience drawing a Snoopy cartoon about Feynman in 1965.

The class in the studio decided to focus on Christmas birds along with the Poinsettia.

Sandie Girl brought her 11th completed needlepoint Christmas stocking to class.  This delightful one is for Noah. Bravo!

How cute is this!  Diane took a photo of Kita and then made this paper collage of her!

On to the birthdays!
Amy & I celebrated her special day at Petrossian’s on Robertson in West Hollywood.

It was a total surprise for Amy and I was delighted that their once a month caviar tasting dinner was so close to her birthday.

The wines they serve with each course are amazing.

Let’s have some Happy Birthday cake!

Lovely Lisa Bowman celebrated dear Amy with a fabulous tea at The Langham in Pasadena.

We liked it so much there that Amy & I went back to celebrate some more with that Petrossian caviar!

After a delicious lunch…..of way too much food except for hibernating bears…

And more cake….

We waddled in to the bar area to recuperate with some tea…

But wait….It’s time for Amy to celebrate Clara at Matsuhisa where we ordered just about everything on the menu!

Time for cake!

I wondered why our server wanted to take our picture with his camera!  Isn’t this the best idea ever…

More celebrating with a lovely luncheon at Valerie’s for Carol…

Everything was so delicious, especially this exquisite cheese souffl√©’ awesome Josie prepared…

I’ll have some of that….

The birthday girl.

But wait…there’s more….I really surprised Laurie Pie with tickets to the opera for her birthday…

I can’t say I understood Phillip Glass’s ‘Satagraha’ and for an introduction to opera for Laurie …well…

There were two intermissions so we were able to snack and discuss everything in the Founder’s Room.

I hope every day is a celebration for you!

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