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 Over a period of twenty years, 5,929 wooden stools from the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing(1644-1911) dynasties were collected from villages across northern China.
I was overwhelmed seeing them and realizing their humble beginnings
and the lives they represent.

This exhibit, at the Jeffrey Deitch Gallery also has 12 ZODIAC works each comprised of thousands of LEGO bricks. We’ll say goodbye to the Year of the Dog with this one….

…and hello to The Year of the Pig!

Those of you who have read Lisa See’s book, THE TEA GIRL of HUMMINGBIRD LANE
 will be amazed at this TON of TEA made from one ton of compressed Pu’er tea.  (It smells wonderful!)
 Note the wallpaper, THE ANIMAL THAT LOOKS LIKE a LLAMA BUT is REALLY an ALPACA. The design is a series of surveillance cameras speaking to the new normal in our world.

The overarching raison d’être of Ai Weiwei’s work is a reaction to the tens of millions displaced by war, famine and climate crises with the message that humanity is one.
This exhibit closes January 5th.
Along with this, you don’t want to miss the Ai Weiwei installation LIFE CYCLE at the MAURICE and PAUL MARCIANO ART FOUNDATION on Wilshire Boulevard.

You’ve be awe struck seeing LIFE CYCLE…

To quote the movie Cinderella, “have courage and be kind.”

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