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…was absolutely sensational.
The sets and costumes gave this Mozart masterpiece a fitting background. The LA Times called it ‘A feast for the eyes’ and it certainly is.  Only three more chances to see this magnificent production.
Amy and I loved being at the dress rehersal.

and afterwards the Bella Voce dinner was wonderful.

Is there a dog on the planet that I would pass by without taking a photo? Meet Morgan the star of ‘Rescued by Goldens’.

Delighted to be given this poster signed by  Maestro Domingo!

Very special thanks go to dear Miss Judith, a board member of the Iris-Cantor-UCLA Women’s Health Center, for inviting me to ‘Lunch With the Scientists’.  This very special annual event gives those present an opportunity to hear UCLA scientists discuss the latest advances and discoveries in women’s health.

I went with Lizzie Girl and Awesome Eileen  but unfortunately, our hostess was ill and could not attend.  Bummer!

Lizzie couldn’t resist some fun in the elevator at the Beverly Wilshire!

Yes, that’s me!

What a privilege to be included with these amazing women who contribute so much.

Thank you Miss Judith for including me in this stellar event!

Oh my, I wonder if class at the Huntington Botanical Gardens could get any better….

The same holds true for the studio class.

It’s always a joy to have special time with precious Alice!

Just a thought…You might want to wear grubbies when you come over because Kita is certain you’re here for play time with her.

Ryan doesn’t seem to be bothered…

She got all gussied up for International Akita Day.

What fun to meet Tanya at Vroman’s Bookstore.  She’s a dear friend of student Ralph Komai and told me she collects my cards!

Can’t remember what this was all about but it sure looks like fun.

So proud of Lisa See, a genuine rock star.  Vroman’s was so jammed with people to hear her discuss her latest book ‘The Island of Sea Women’ that they had to turn people away.

I’m going to need another bookshelf just for Lisa See!!!

Sending you a rainbow to your dreams!

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