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but how could it ever match up to May and the wonderful birthday greetings I received.  I love looking at the ZOOM gathering Clara surprised me with and seeing everyone again. How cute is this photo I took from the ZOOM of student Brian Foster, owner of  Elizabeth St Tattoo’s with Summer, his lovely wife and just too adorable son Cannon!!!

So coming down from that high, June was spent getting way too addicted to Korean dramas starting with “The King” starring Lee Min-Ho.

Then “Crash Landing on You”

“Mystic Pop-up Bar”

Hyun Bin (on the right) was on “Crash Landing on You” and “Memories of the Alhambra”.  A bit of trivia… and… you’re welcome!  I have two more installments on “Memories of the Alhambra”  and it’s the weirdest of all but actually captivating. Note:  I totally binge-watch!

Doing the Brush painting classes online is turning out to be so much fun with the reconfigured office turned into a recording studio.  The classes are done with Crowdcast but then there’s a follow up meeting on ZOOM where I can see everyone’s face and we can all connect.  It’s beyond wonderful.

Great fun when students socially distance to pick up art supplies.  Here’s uber talented celebrity hairstylist Louise Moon.

I think June was definitely a time for going inward, re-calculating, making major adjustments that may turn out to be life long habits.  For one, I’m even more addicted to gardening and now indoor plants.  The indoor part started with a great ceramic pot from Sandie Girl which necessitated an order at Bloomscape.  They do such a great job that their boxes appear quite often.

Along with the three air filters and now all the indoor plants, I’m hoping Kita’s allergies will be so much better.  She finally took a panel of tests to determine what she’s allergic to so I hope it’s not indoor plants! 😂
Too many trips to the Dermatologist Vet.

Yoshida-san did his usual brilliant job of pruning the Juniper.  I told him that watching him work is like watching an artist paint….It’s true!


I also used Robert Hori’s (from the Huntington) gardener to trim the bamboo. (Long story there.)

Did you know figs grow like this?  I didn’t.  This is the first crop from a tree planted several years ago.

For whatever is needed, everything is delivered and I’m just fine with that. Pavilions does the best job of packaging.

Here’s “Farm Fresh to You”

Soups and smoothies are the most fun to make.

The assortment of micro greens from Hamama goes into almost everything.

But I must confess to doing a lot of ordering from restaurants…Here’s a fav from Tender Greens. I usually order extra meat steak and cheese so I have enough for two meals.

All of this domesticity required a complete spice cabinet overhaul.

Amazon complies with new cookbooks..
I love David Chang!

I think I’m getting a little obsessed with ordering books as they come at the steady pace of three a week and I’m not keeping up! This one ordered just because of a special poem…

During all this sequestered state it’s good to be reminded of one’s North Star…..focus on that!

At least four books on plants!

And so it went…Please stay safe and don’t forget to treat yourself!

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