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Spring is here and I’m delighted. All the buds are popping out, fresh green leaves showing off and longer days to enjoy it all…’s wonderful!
When you exit the elevator that takes you to my studio, the Wisteria on the deck is beginning to bloom. Flowers, buds, new shoots everywhere and it’s georgeous. I was so inspired that I decided to teach the Wisteria lesson to the class at the Huntington Botanical Gardens (in San Marino) yesterday. It worked out wonderfully as there were several new students who had not had that lesson. At the end of the day I was surrounded by beautiful Wisteria paintings done by all the students, some who had never held a Chinese brush let alone attempt a Chinese brush painting. We even did birds and butterflies!

One of the new students was a lovely young woman, Daisy, visiting from the Philippines, who amazed me by mentioning that she had purchased my book ‘The Ch’i of the Brush’ in the Philippines. Imagine that!

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