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Yuki, our 95 pound Japanese Akita has, after all these years, figured out how to extract ‘cookies’ from visitors. (She already has us nailed.)
Here’s the routine; when you come to the door, she will bark at you like crazy, follow you in and actually ‘lead’ you to the cookie jar, barking all the way. Once you’re in the proper position you’ll get slightly mauled as she continues to bark until the desired end is accomplished. You can see why she’s now called THE COOKIE TOLL BRIDGE.

In deference to all who enter in, we’re trying to break her of this and give instructions to all … ignore her and in no case give her a cookie.

The other day, sweet, kind and most gentle Lynne Sims came by to pick up her new best, Best Brush. At the door and in her hands was the cookie of all cookies, TWO GREENIES! Where is the camera when you desperately need it? Yuki gave Lynne her very best sit (actually what we call her best beg) and PATIENTLY, GENTLY waited for Lynne to dispense the treats. I couldn’t believe it … it was as if Yuki had just returned from The Dog Whisperer’s training camp. A sense of Cesar Millan was in the Air!

What did I learn? That dogs indeed are the best judge of people and know a gentle soul when they encounter one. May we all be so sensitive.

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