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Last month, three people in the Calligraphy class gave their dynamic calligraphy to Shantien ‘Tom’ Chow, our Master Teacher, to have their work mounted onto Chinese scrolls. Saturday’s class was priviledged to see the results which are staggering. Tom said that he would hold up any of the pieces to work done by long time students of the art and I would have to agree.

  • First we see Denise’s elegant work which roughly translates to “The moon lights the path of the birds”.

Next, Melanie’s calligraphy which conveys the strength in the word “Roots”.

Finally, Beverly Hynds work which is filled with Ch’i. Tom explained to us that you capture in a moment the essence of your being. It’s akin to ‘Splash Ink’ Chinese Brush painting where the spirit evoked is more important than a literal likeness of an object. In other words, the depiction of a flower does not have to be botanically correct in order to have great Ch’i!
Beverly’s caligraphy (last pic) can mean ‘Spirit’ as in religion or ‘Spirit’ as in a human quality.

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