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We were delighted to hear that Charles Jr. was flying in from Houston for an ‘Investment Seminar’. The bonus round was that we’d take a day off just like that!

Since Charles was staying in Santa Monica, we went to ‘Anisette’ a new French brasserie that is so delightful. I think you could order anything and it would be dreamy. They have a wonderful Zinc bar that has been imported from France and it was just like being in Paris. Heaven!!!

Next, after being fortified with more fat than I consume in a year, it was off to the Getty for the Bernini exhibit which my dear Charles had been wanting to see.

Do I feel hunger pangs? Well then, it’s time to drive to Venice and eat at Joe’s which is definitely not of the ‘Six Pack Joe’s’ variety. If you don’t mind taking out a small loan, it’s one of the best places to eat in L.A.

We came home tired but very happy and terribly stuffed.

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