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Our Master Calligraphy teacher, Shantien ‘Tom’ Chow recommended a new translation of Lao Tzu’s ‘Tao Te Ching’. He said, “This is one of the latest, and possibly one of the best translations, originally credited to Lao Tzu’s teachings, with commentary. Interesting reading and with beautiful photographs.”

Tao Te Ching a New Translation and Commentary
by Ralph Alan Dale
published by Barnes and Noble Publishing

Well, I immediately went on line to and discovered they were out of stock. What to do? Dear Judith Nelson who is as much of a bookafile as I am (if not more) sent me to Barnes and Nobles website which, if I stopped to think a bit, I would have noticed that they are the publishers. A big duh there! Eureka … book ordered and the harmony of Heaven and earth is restored.

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