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as they say, “at the end of the day” …

Stacey had accomplished the impossible … assembling and decorating the Christmas tree in the downstairs entry.

Now before you say, ‘bah humbug’ permit me to give you a little background on this task. Just getting the tree and all the ornament boxes out is a major task.

The tree (plastic/pre-lighted) is kept in a very big, very heavy box and fitting the pieces together so all the lights work is no small task. Patience is the #1 requirement.
Now for the creative part….who better than Stacey to do a magnificent, artistic job ….flourishes that I could only dream of. She even made beautiful bows from assorted holiday ribbons to fill in the ’empty'(where?) spots.

Since this was her second tree trimming experience after major advice from hubby Joe, she could now be in the…don’t try this, I’m a professional class.

All we have to do now is keep Yuki from thinking this is one big doggie toy!

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