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The short of it is that yesterday I had a studio visit from a fellow artist who went to the SAME GRAMMAR SCHOOL! How amazing is that!!!

Victor Fisher is a sculptor of renown and his wife Phyllis creates some amazing silver jewelry. While they live in the Newport area, they had stopped by after a trip to Victor’s foundry which is located in Burbank.

Of course, we got to the ‘artist talk’ and Victor said that in placing a tool into the flame to use on the wax pieces he does not go thru an analytical process but will rely on instinct. If he stops to think about it, the temperature of the tool is incorrect.

Now how amazing is that … I had to tell the Chinese saying … “From heart to arm to hand to brush to paper! Paint with your heart and not your head for the most splendiferous results!


Here’s art patron Dr. Allan Stark, Nan, Victor and Phyllis

For more information on this talented artist go to:

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