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… we have to hear Reverend George Regas at Carol and Richard King’s monthly SALON on the SPIRITUALLY CREATIVE LIFE! And off we went … on time too but there was nary a seat in the packed to overflowing house. How grateful I was when Richard retrieved a chair for me from the office.

To quote Carol’s announcement, “One of the most compelling voices for peace and justice in the United States today, Rev George Regas is a prominent leader in the interfaith nuclear disarmament movement. An orator of uncommon brilliance, he spent 28 years as a rector of one of the largest Episcopal churches in the United States (All Saints. Pasadena) leading his congregation in its opposition to the Vietnam War, the escalating nuclear arms race, the covert Central American wars, and both the Gulf War and the Iraq War. He has done much good work in Southern California, including founding an AIDS service center, a homeless shelter and a medical program for uninsured children.”

It’s inspiring to hear a powerful voice saying, “hope is viable and peace is possible if we reaffirm our common humanity”. Rev. Regas said, “When Carl Sandberg was asked what the worst expression was he answered, “Exclusivism” meaning… just because we have conviction, we can not become arrogant, as the One we call God is greater than our understanding about God.

To want to be exclusive is poisonous leading to revenge, violence and war. More importantly, we must go deep into our own personal truth and become authentic so that we may relate to one another in a positive way”. The Dali Lama said that practicing compassion is more important than having more Buddhists. Finally, when we look at Michelangelo’s painting, ‘Hell’ we observe truth that’s seen too late. Quoting Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, “The world of tomorrow belongs to those who gave it its greatest hope.”

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