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…everyone will be home with chips and dips.”

Well, that’s what I thought and told Stacey that as soon as she set up everything she could just go play and come back at 5:30.

Perhaps I should start at the beginning. I was asked to do a ‘Trunk Show’ for the Huntington’s ‘Chinese New Year Family Festival’. Since it’s been at least 14 years since I’ve done one and knowing how hard it is, it would only have been possible with Stacey’s magnificent help.

When we arrived I was shocked to see a literal sea of people stretched across the pathway to the entrance and beyond. By 10:30 the parking lot was filled to capacity.
Quickly we were set up and then, non stop, people came over and we had our hands full. Dear Jeanette Ong happened by, surprised to see me, and came into my area with her two precious children, Juliane and Ryan. Can you imagine…they started working. Jeanette noticed I didn’t have prices on the paper weights and got stickies for that and even the children were inlisted. Awesome!

Later on Tomiko Varga, my precious friend came by and she went to work as well! Between all of us we wrote 92 sales slips! Stacey will probably never let me live it down that I said she could take the day off.

We got back to the house around 6:30 and after getting everything up to the studio Stacey went home, Tomiko came by, picked me up and we went to Wokano for lots of raw fish and green tea. The only answer to a long, long but wonderful day.

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