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…from Gretchen Thompson who said that she and four others wished to present a dear friend with a gift to an artist’s studio…mine…as the friend had a great interest in Chinese Brush painting. So, six of them would be coming to the studio on February 8th at noon. I thought, that would be just fine as dear Peggy and John were not scheduled for that time frame. Oh silly me… but not to worry, Charles had the inflatable bed stashed away and was off to the airport with them by 11:30. Everything does work out!

When the ladies pulled up, the birthday girl still had no idea why she was here. The first thing she noticed was the large scroll I painted that is hanging in the entry. “Well” says I, “that could be a big clue”. (Since it had been raining they had to use the front door instead of the elevator or take the path to the stairs.)

After a brief walk thru downstairs (especially pausing for the view which had suddenly become amazing) we went to the studio. My brief talk about the history of Brush painting leads always to information about brushes, mood seals, Ink and of course a bow to having a calligraphy scroll dedicated to our China trip ‘Journey of the Imagination’ and explaining all the wonders of such an extraordinary culture.

Now, are you ready to be totally amazed? Carol belongs to a book club that my student, wonderful Leslie Robin, belongs to and has been hearing about Brush painting classes that Leslie loves, (along with our trip to China), and here Carol was in the very same teachers studio! Six degrees of separation!

Does anyone have a brush?

Imagine this…

And here we have the ‘bone stroke’.

Carol Greenstein, the birthday girl, paints surrounded by delighted friends!

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