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to receive the following e-mail from Tony Oliver, my wonderful student and friend of whom I couldn’t be more proud.

“Here are pictures of a third grade class here in Bakersfield that I did a volunteer art lesson with. They loved it. Thank you so much for encouraging me to go to the schools …”

And now, from the classroom teacher to Tony…..

“Thank you again so much for coming to share your talent with my class. They really enjoyed it. I was impressed by the quality of the art my students were able to produce. I have attached some pictures of you working with students. Let me know which day next week will work for you to teach another class.”

Now how about that! Isn’t it just the most delightful thing you’ve ever seen? The children are so precious and seeing how beautifully Tony works with them…well, I can hardly stand it!

Tony is also receiving great responses in selling his Brush paintings so I hope you’re all encouraged by seeing this to get out there, like Tony, and share your wonderful gift.

To contact Tony:

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