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I had just left the Ikebana House at the Huntington Botanical Gardens when my cell phone rang.

“Nan, it’s Judy.” Judy? Judy from GRADE school in Chicago? Judy now from Iowa wintering in your Newport Beach home? That Judy? Well yes it was!

“Where are you?” “At the Huntington with Marshall and friends who are visiting us.” Judy answered. “Really? Where exactly?” “In the bookstore” came the answer. “Stay there, I’ll be right over!”

Here’s what happened. Sweet Rosanna Schmidgall went to the bookstore after class and saw someone not only looking at my book ‘The Ch’i of the Brush’ but discussing it with someone. Rosanna said to her, “That’s my teacher, she’s here now and I can give you her phone number!”

Ripley has nothing on us!!!

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