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…must echo in my students dreams. It’s so ingrained that I hear them repeating it along with “you can even use it for wrapping paper if you think it’s that bad”.

I feel so strongly about this principle because I know that every artist ‘hits the wall’ when a painting is at a certain stage. I have a video of Picasso working and saying, “Oh this is terrible, it’s not going well at all.” At that point you just want to crumple it up and begin anew but if you continue, thinking how to make it work, you will be learning. So, to have a sense of empowerment as opposed to defeat, we have to accept the challenge of making out painting ‘work’.

Sandie Reily did even better than that … she conceptualized taking the best parts of a painting and bringing them together creating something that became both mystical and magical…a work of art that I could get lost in … wanting to linger for hours.

On a stretched western watercolor paper, Sandie created an abstract background of soft blended tones and interesting shapes. Then she applied her Tiger Lily blossoms from other paintings upon it having the collage extend past the borders in some areas. I wish my photograph could do the work justice…it’s just so grand and glorious!!!

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