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…is what I told the 80 some members of the San Fernando Valley Art Club as I began my lecture and demonstration Tuesday evening.

Visual artists, writers, musicians et al have so much beauty and expression to bring forth that they desire to share it with the world.
What a lovely receptive audience, responding so enthusiastically as I tried to cram in all the ‘secrets’ of Brush painting in the alotted time.
My least favorite activity? Judging the members artwork to reward 1st, 2nd and 3rd place plus Honorable Mention. They were ALL winners to me!

For more information:
Special thanks to Vice President Sharon Weaver who did such a magnificent job of arranging the event and for all the written material placed on the organizations website. Click on Nan Rae photos and description her demonstration to learn more.
Also, click on ‘The Paint Rag Newsletter’

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