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…just think about it…isn’t that what everyone needs? And nobody arranges one better than Vallerie Foster Hoffman.
The latest hooky (sorry, excursion) was to Palm Desert to see acclaimed watercolorist Gayle Garner Roski’s amazing exhibit at the Edenhurst Gallery.

Gayle’s devotion to her art thru the years is in ample evidence in the beautiful work on view. Brilliant in color and concept, each captivating piece tells a story of a visit to some far away place bringing the viewer into the mystery and excitement of the journey. Incorporated into each story and mounted in the frames, are objects that are represented in the paintings.
Don’t miss it!
Gayle describes the painting ‘CERAMIC HANGING BELLS FROM TURKEY’

One of my favorites (surprise!)

‘CHINESE DRAGON’ (sold of course)

And for lovers of China, Gayle’s vivid paintings warmly portray scenes of the forgotten China City in our own Los Angeles in the charming book ‘MEI LING in CHINA CITY’.

Lunch at Marrakesh

Artist’s all!

And to end a perfect day, what could be more precious than a Bunny!!!

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