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…because they’re no longer safe!  We’ve discovered the true meaning of ‘Action Painting’ with master calligrapher Shantien ‘Tom’ Chow.

IMG_1434Using the largest brushes we could find the adventure  started by splashing milk onto a large piece of Double Shuen paper and here is Priscilla demonstrating.

TIMG_1430he areas hit by the milk will be more resistant to the Ink and interesting textured areas then appear.

We know that form is established by an aesthetic that was set forth centuries ago expressing objective truth that is universal.  But now we’ve  taken it to hyper -drive.

IMG_1415 Tom with Stacey












Diana in action  IMG_1424 








Beverly, Tom and Diana with ‘Reality’ … what a concept!



Of course mine was ‘Ch’i’…(or ‘Life Force’) but you’re not surprised.


To assist in accomplishing all of this ‘Gone, Gone, Gone’ (Done Moved on) from the Grammy album of the year ‘Raising Sand’ with Robert Plant and Alison Krauss was turned on full blast.

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