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…has attracted the most beautiful guest…an Altamira Oriole. IMG_4093

How do we know that?  Besides taking several pictures of our new friend, Charles did an hour’s worth of computer digging to find out who we were entertaining!   The bird was first spotted by Vreanna, Lauren’s delightful granddaughter, during our Calligraphy class on Saturday.  We were all on the deck, trying to take a picture to no avail.  (Wait till I tell you about the Ladybug… next time!)

Just so you know…the Altamira Oriole is a bird of Mexico and Central America whose range reaches into southern Texas…this one evidently took a turn to become a star in L.A. The hummingbird’s don’t seem to mind at all as their numbers are increasing daily.  The feeder was FULL two days ago!

For all you ornithologist’s out there:

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