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I couldn’t wait to tell you about this 100% real live, walking, talking MIRACLE that I personally know of!

You may have seen the following incident on TV news February 8, 2005.
Daphne Cates was traveling northbound on Hwy 5 at the “Grapevine” towards Bakersfield. There is a very steep incline just before you hit the bottom of the hill and a trucker lost his breaks and hit her going over 100 miles an hour. (Daphne fortunately was knocked unconscious and doesn’t remember the actual impact.) Eye witnesses said that her car flipped upside down and then landed facing the center divider. There wasn’t much left of the car except where Daphne was belted into the car seat. Daphne had multiple injuries, lacerations on her face and hand, several broken ribs, and two neck fractures, C2 and C4. C2 was the most serious as it is often called the “hangman’s break.” This expert horsewoman was told she should never consider riding a horse again.
What a miracle…after therapy and time, Daphne is ‘back in the saddle’ and so grateful and appreciative of her life and many friends. She says there isn’t a day that she doesn’t give thanks to the angels that most certainly were looking after her!
Wow…not only is Daphne riding her magnificent horse, she was the lovely hostess for the Tuesday Reading Group’s luncheon meeting which was held in her beautiful home.
You’ll be interested to know that Daphne’s grandfather, George Lawrence Stimson was the designer for the Italian Renaissance Wrigley Mansion on Orange Grove Blvd. in Pasadena, Ca. and for the 2009 Pasadena Showcase House of Design at 1050 Oak Grove in San Marino as well as hundreds of other magnificent homes in the area.
Our guest speaker was John Ripley who, along with his many other accomplishments, is a member of the Southern California Chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians. John gave an interesting and informative power point lecture on the history of Daphne’s amazing family starting with Charles E. Stimson…her great grandfather.
Here’s Daphne (the miracle friend) standing alongside delightful Cathy Rose (in yellow)
Vanya Foster Rohner (remember fabulous Foster’s in Westwood) sitting next to dear Carol Soucek King (You can see Valerie, Vanya’s sister in the middle of the next table). World traveler, Halla Aguirre is on the far right. I bet you remember the wonderful travel programs Halla did with her husband.
… and me with sweet friends!

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