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After four printings and six years, I was able to purchase the rights to my book ‘The Ch’i of the Brush’ from Random House.  Little did I dream that ‘self’ publishing would be so very complicated and might I add expensive.  It made me appreciate Watson-Guptill all over again!

After obtaining the ‘files’ I found out that the size of the book had to be modified by 1/2 inch to conform to the specs. of Lightning Source’s file setup requirements.  (Lightning Source in Tennessee was chosen because they offer ‘Full Distribution Services.) That meant going to  Bookcovers in Florida to reformat and then proof reading every page both at the file modification stage and then again when Lightning Source received the files to make sure margins hadn’t ‘moved’ and that the pagination was correct.  (Wow, the words you learn!)  Next came the Library of Congress# and the ISBN# which both had to be changed.

book-cover The whole process was much more complicated than expected or described here but after several months it all came together and we are now on with the new edition.  Charles is sending the PDF to Amazon so that you can ‘look inside the book’ as on the Watson-Guptill edition.  EVERYTHING IS THE SAME and I’m delighted with the end result.

If you have the book and if it’s been of help to you, a review on Amazon would be soooooo appreciated!  Just click on the second listing for the book.

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