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…and has the most amazing, talented friends. One in particular, Judith Keller is the Curator of Photography at the Getty. Carol sent forth the word that Judith would be giving a special tour and talk for Carol and whomever she would choose. It was wonderful, starting with the ‘IN FOCUS: MAKING A SCENE’ which was over 30 tableaux’s (staged photographs) from early daguerreotypes to Lewis Carroll and Man Ray (mine’s legit!).

Next we saw the work of ‘PAUL OUTERBRIDGE’ an early American modern master and pioneer in the art of color photography. And finally, the work of JO ANN CALLIS who is an important practitioner of the ‘fabricated photographs’ movement.

“Art is life as seen through man’s inner craving for perfection & beauty – his escape from the sorded realities of life into a world of his imagining.”

Paul Outerbridge

The show continues through October 18th and you’ll be treated to photography as fine art…don’t miss it!IMG_4458

All that ‘looking’ makes one ravenous so it was off to the main dining room of the Getty where all 16 of us dined in that elegant setting only to be told at the end that dear Valerie Foster Hoffman was our hostess. Remember my birthday party? Well, Valerie would do works of kind and open generosity like that for the whole wide world. She is truly an inspiration!!!

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