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…because you really had to see this one.

Mom and I were  going to see ‘Monty Python’s SPAMALOT’ at the Ahmanson Theatre and I was surprised and delighted to find a wonderful parking spot right next to the 3rd level escalator.  Well, the surprise was on me as the escalator was out of order!  What to do…people were milling about and most climbed the stairs.

“Wait mom…I have an idea…let’s ask one of the parking attendants to get a wheel chair for you.”  Better than that, we commandeered a little cart that sat two plus driver (tightly) and off we went when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a real gem.  You know, the sort of contraption you see people riding around the golf courses  that seat at least four!  Hey, let’s take that one… and off we went.  One driver, mom, one attendant and myself sailed out of the parking lot onto the main street, drove to the corner turned right…up a block and right again to the valet section of the Music Center.  What should await us but two young men with wheelchairs!  With mom safely ensconced in her chair I’m thinking…it’s 101 degrees and we’re still a block away, the show starts in three minutes and so into the second chair I plopped.  Off we went and I shouted “Let’s race…come on…we’ll win!”  Do you know we were not only wheeled into the Ahmanson but taken to the elevator…real red carpet treatment!  It was amazing and the funniest thing ever (well almost.)spamalot

Oh…back to Spamalot…it’s the most irreverent hysterical show ever and we were seated the moment it started!

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