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for the benefit of ‘MY FRIEND’S PLACE’ and ‘LOS ANGELES YOUTH NETWORK’. IMG_4757 Jana and hubby Ivan Tether (who’s on the board at My Friend’s Place) first told us about this wonderful organization that provides a safe haven for homeless youth in Hollywood.  Their mission is to assist and inspire homeless youth (of which there are so many) to build self-sufficient lives.  I do hope you will click on their website that I’ll list below!

IMG_4704 What a grand time we had beginning with the ‘adorable greeter’s who showed us the way to the VIP dining section on the Santa Monica Pier.  Then it was on to the Grand Chapiteau for KOOZA, this year’s Cirque extravaganza another not to be missed of their shows.



IMG_4701  Mom went with us and we felt like three kids as this show definitely delivers the WOW factor!

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