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was treated to a real ZEN experience when Master Calligrapher Shantien ‘Tom’ Chow IMG_4804 painted two large scrolls on the floor of the studio’s reception area.  We were all mesmerized as Tom first wrote five Zen words.   Zen, Bed, Dream and Beautiful Lady.  When combined, the meaning is ‘A Zen Monk Dreams of a Beautiful Lady while Sleeping’.  The meaning is open to interpretation as it could suggest that Zen Buddhism is not about dogma or rules, but more concerned with true human nature and accepts reality as it is.

IMG_4797 The second scroll was a free and large interpretation of the word ‘TIGER’.  Using a huge Goat hair brush and expansive strokes, Tom perfectly captured the power and vigor symbolized by this character.  We were all enthralled and you can see both videos for yourself on

Special thanks to Charles L. DeMille who filmed this event for us.  Charles especially appreciated seeing Tom’s meditative approach in preparing the necessary materials.


Tom explains his robe.




Cookie Time Out








Inspired Will Mc Gaul and his marvelous calligraphy

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