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What an amazing tale of courage, survival and hope was told to ‘The Tuesday Reading Group’. a-123

Marion Jones &Marky Allen

hosts of the event at the Valley Hunt Club










Vanya Rohner,Halla Aguirre,Georgeanne  Irvine & her sister Ginger Bernard

After a lovely luncheon, we heard guest speaker Georgeanne Irvine, author of over 20 books, relate the mesmerizing journey of the dolphins from the Marine Life Oceanarium in Gulfport, Mississippi.  These beautiful mammals were shockingly washed into the Gulf of Mexico when a wall of water caused by Hurricane Katrina flooded their home.  Nearly two weeks later Elijah, Jackie, Jill, Michelle, Kelly, Tamra, Toni and Noah were discovered by search helicopters and then the massive rescue effort began.




Carol Soucek King & speaker Georgeanne Irvine



We sat on the edges of our chairs as Georgeanne told this wondrous story and later I was thrilled to purchase her magnificent book which details in enthralling words and magnificent pictures this hard to believe, miraculous tale.

a-121 Oh, you’ll be thrilled to know the dolphins are happily at play in their new home ‘Aquaventure’, The Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas!

This book, ‘THE KATRINA DOLPHINS’ would be  a wonderful Christmas present!  (It’s on display in my studio.)

a-120 Special thanks to lovely Anna Bjorn for her photographs.  Anna specializes in graphic design and residential photography. You can reach her

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