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…to order our Thanksgiving turkey, we stopped at Virgil’s Hardware (they’ve been in Glendale forever and have everything).

We parked at the door and were about to get out when we saw the most amazing sight ever…a big black mutt of a dog  carrying his leash in his mouth as he followed his owner!  Well, you really had to be there…we sat laughing so hard and thinking “this is a great movie scene”.

Later at check out, there was the dog, doing his best beg for cookies from the check out woman who apparently had been thru this routine many times before.  Just like Yuki, he jumped up, placing his huge paws on the counter and wolfed the treat down, then another, and another…….finally it was time to go and the owner said “gather up” and the dog did exactly that, placing the entire leash in his mouth.  What Charles loved the most was that the owner said “It was his idea”!

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