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…the other evening.  But wait, you scoff?  O.K., here’s the rest of the story.IMG_0012

We received an invitation for dear Lucia Moskal’s birthday party to be held at the Montrose Bowling Alley.  That’s right…Bowling Alley!  Also, the invitation gave hints of Elvis but we had no real clue. IMG_0013

When we got to Montrose we found that the entire bowling alley was rented out for the party and a life sized Elvis cutout greeted us. 

Lucia, our dear hostess, ‘Elvis’ and delightful Eleanor Barkelew

 IMG_0065 Elvis music was playing and the first thing was a contest with prizes for who ever could answer the most Elvis trivia.  You got four sheets of paper with questions on it like ‘how many times was Elvis on Ed Sullivan’s show’.  Charles & I each answered (only) 11 but they were different right answers on each of our pages.  No fair combining so no prizes for us!

IMG_0031Usually we just have soup on Sunday evenings as we  always have a big brunch.  There was so much food…shrimps, pulled pork sandwiches, watermelon (fresh and DELICIOUS), coleslaw, fried chicken, sweet potato fries…oh I’m forgetting so much.  Drinks of course and later a cuteIMG_0070 Elvis theme birthday cake and coffee and you could make hot fudge sundaes if you wanted to with chocolate Mississippi Mud ice cream, nuts, cherries, whipped cream…oh, you get the idea!  I bet you’re salivating…I am!!!

 IMG_0043 IMG_0044 The surprise hit of the evening was an Elvis impersonator.  He was just great and threw out teddy bears and chiffon scarves to the ladies…just like Elvis!  I thought I was videoing the evening…people dancing…Elvis singing…you get the idea.  When we got home we realized that my new camera’s ‘on’ light is orange and not green which I thought meant ‘go’!  What a bummer!!!

IMG_0076 Later there was a photo op with ‘Elvis’ and when you left, a bottle of wine with an ‘Elvis’ label.

It was an amazingly great time!  Thank you Lucia!!!

Now, just in case you’re still incredulous, ‘the paper of record’, The New York Times had a front page story on January 5th about the hot new trend in New York City…you guessed it…BOWLING!

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