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…since I first introduced you to Jeffrey, our gifted Japanese gardener of so many years who is also an award winning poet and calligrapher!  You might want to stop reading at this point and scroll back to:


Posted on Friday April 3rd, 2009.

…are you back?  Well good, because now I have a life altering conversation to describe to you.

Last Friday, after Jeffrey had planted a beautiful Cymbidium orchid near the ‘Deer Chaser’ fountain, we stood admiring it and began talking of  all the joys in watching various blossoms that spring forth this time of the year.   (I’m going to receive a special Cherry tree and a long promised Fig tree which would have been planted this season had Jeffrey’s dog not placed dibs on it first!)  Oh, by the way, Jeffrey told me that he makes his own planting soil as what we purchase at the nurseries is not any good!  He goes to a certain river (the name escapes me) and collects the sand along the riverbank for his soil! What a labor of love and attention to detail!

As we stood there, Jeffrey told me that he had tenderly raised and then planted 200 (correct) Ginkgo trees along the main section of West Covina as his gift to the city.  He then said that for each tree he planted he first wrote a short poem on a stone and would then bury it under the tree.  Jeffrey then looked at me and said that “THESE TREES WOULD REMAIN AFTER HE DEPARTED AS A TESTIMONY OF HIS LIFE”.  My eyes welled up and then I noticed Jeffrey’s did too!  May we all so lovingly create a better place in this our beautiful world!


Shall we help Jeffrey continue his labor of love?  He will happily DONATE and plant trees in San Marino, Glendale and Burbank so if you have a connection with the ‘Powers that Be’ in these areas…please do let me know.

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