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…Jeffrey began planting the first of 33 trees at Woodbury University.

I first wrote you on April 3rd about our amazing Japanese gardener Jeffrey Isobe and the Ginkgo trees in an older posting titled ‘It’s Been Almost a Year…’ asking for your help in connecting Jeffrey with a city or organization.  Since planting 200 Ginkgo trees in West Covina as a beautification gift, he’s looked for another site to carry on this labor of love.



Carol Soucek King made some wonderful suggestions with Woodbury University being at the top of the list.

Now for the amazing part……

Dr. Kenneth R. Nielsen, President of Woodbury University,  has long wanted to plant Ginkgo trees on the campus and when he heard of Jeffrey’s offer it was the perfect confluence of desires.



One down and 32 to go!!




Of course Yuki has to supervise.











Back to school for C.L.P. & Yuki




Bye for now.


Nestled in the Burbank foothills, the lovely Woodbury campus will be enhanced by this labor of love.

Woodbury will be dedicating a plaque commemorating Jeffrey’s gift which will be placed near the courtyard fountain on campus.  So…to be continued.

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